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Superhero Theme Parks

Warner Bros. has designed a huge superhero theme park in Abu Dhabi. The park will include six new worlds including Metropolis, Gotham City, Warner Bros. Plaza, Bedrock and Dynamite Gulch, that will allow guests to fully immerse themselves into the fantasy worlds. With characters including the Green Lantern, Batman, Superman and Wonder Women, the park will be filled with new and exciting simulation rides. There will be a Cartoon Junction for younger children to explore, solve crimes in and ride age-appropriate rides.


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Nontraditional Tableware Designs

There are hundreds of pieces of cultery and tableware designs in the Experimental Gastronomy series from Martin Kullik and Jouw Wijnsma, as the Dutch duo commissioned designers and artisans to create unconventional designs for different occasions. For the project, the artists were asked to use only natural and locally sourced materials that were found, upcycled or repurposed.


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Button-Integrated Bank Cards

Updated bank card designs tend to either focus on purely aesthetic qualities or integrated technologies for enhanced security but India’s IndusInd Bank is introducing an innovative new credit card called ‘Nexxt.’

Customers of the bank now have the chance to apply for the IndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit Card, which is an interactive card with integrated buttons that let customers choose their preferred mode of payment at a point of sale. With this credit card, cardholders are able to choose between charging a purchase to their credit card account, taking out a loan or paying for goods with rewards points.


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Large-Scale Printed Ecosystems

The GENESIS Eco Screen by BigRep is a large-scale urban ecosystem project that can be explored with an exhibit at the Fiction Forum exhibition center in Berlin. The 3D-printed wall installation looks like an intricate system of roots and it was created out of filaments made from 100% recycled PET bottles.

All month long, there will be large-scale 3D printers from BigRep on site, working to complete the installation, providing a unique place for people to learn about the circular economy, closed-loop systems and the steps that need to be taken to transform waste into a useful material for additive manufacturing.


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Grocery Delivery Acquisitions

Uber recently purchased Cornerershop, which is a grocery delivery startup that originated in Latin America. Since then, Cornershop has pivoted its services to operate in Toronto. Uber announced the purchase of the grocery delivery startup on October 11th.

Currently, the deal has to go through regulatory approval, which is scheduled to finish in the beginning of 2020. For now, Cornershop will continue to operate under its current leadership, however, this may change in the future.


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Productivity-Focused Airline Cabins

Taiwanese five-star airline Eva Air recently partnered with BMW’s Designworks to create a new look for the Royal Laurel business-class cabin. Crafted for Eva Air’s new Boeing 787 Dreamliners, this new business-class cabin aims to compete as the best in the world. Focused on maintaining traditional elements of the brand, while also adopting a bold strategy and stepping away from “conventional” seat designs, the ultimate goal of the cabin was to highlight comfort and smart design.


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Carbon Neutral Race Cars

Formula 1 announced that it will transition to carbon-neutral racing by the year 2030. The announcement was made by the IFA, which is the sports governing body. The carbon-neutral racing pledge will extend not only the vehicles on the race track but also to operations surrounding the sport. However, Formula 1 will still use combustion engines, but the engines will be net neutral. This is possible through the use of synthetic fuels like methane.


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Underground Urban Farms

Described as the only organic farm in Paris, this underground farm uses hydroponics to bring life back to abandoned urban spaces. From indoor farming startup Cycloponics, La Caverne is a fully underground endeavor that does not rely on soil or natural sunlight.

The new underground farm is located beneath an old parking lot in the north Parisian neighborhood of La Chapelle. The 3600 square foot subterranean urban farm offers environmentally responsible, local products that are harvested the same day they’re delivered (via bicycle) to restaurants and markets. La Caverne grows herbs, lettuces and mushrooms using nutrient-rich water and low-energy LED lighting.


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Multi-Media Tourism Campaigns

The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism collaborated with TikTok, in order to promote 10 iconic travel destinations in the region. The campaign is titled ‘TikTok Travel x Wonderful Indonesia,’ and it will mark the first collaboration between TikTok and the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism.

The ‘TikTok Travel x Wonderful Indonesia’ campaign will feature celebrities and creatives, as well as online challenges, video filters, stickers, and roadshows.


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