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Music-Streaming AR Apps

Spotify can now be accessed on Magic Leap World, which makes it possible for music lovers to immerse themselves—quite literally—in the music of their favorite artists like never before. Although using a streaming service gives users a much less tactile connection to their favorite songs and albums, this new experience gives app users the power to virtually pin music to the walls of their home. Notably, Spotify is the first app of its kind to make use of Magic Leap’s Background Music Service, which allows users to keep listening to content while using other apps on the Magic Leap One.


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Moon Mission Timeline Announcements

Gwynne Shotwell, the SpaceX president, and COO, spoke at the International Astronautical Congress, and revealed the company’s most recent mission timeline for its Starship spacecraft. Shotwell stated that the company will attempt to get its Starship into orbit during the course of a year. The company also has plans to land the Starship on the Moon before the year 2022, and if that works, SpaceX will look to transport cargo to for humans on the moon in 2024.


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Cockpit-Themed Hotel Rooms

Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu recently unveiled its new, novelty suite — the ‘Superior Cockpit Room’ — and features a life-size flight simulator. The concept is based on the Boeing 737-800 cockpit and boasts many of the features of the flight control center.

The Superior Cockpit Room has a stunning view of the plane’s runways and is connected to Terminal 2 of Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport. The room is priced at 25,300 yen or $233 USD and patrons can also book a 90-minute flight block with an instructor for 30,000 yen or $275 USD.


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Ergonomic eSports Workstations

The Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S Gaming Desk is a slick workstation for gamers and digital professionals alike that will offer them an ergonomically enhanced way to spend extended periods of time on their terminal. The Z-shaped metal legs on the desk allow the user to sit in the most comfortable position possible, while the LEDs on the top section provide futuristic illumination.

Gamers can take advantage of a headphone hook off the side as well as a drink holder and additional storage stand for games and controllers to eliminate any unnecessary clutter.


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Daring Drippy Footwear Silhouettes

The lookbook for a new pair of Iceberg shoes has been released. The luxury offering is quite experimental, bold, and entertains strong hints of the sci-fi aesthetic. Simply dubbed ‘The Drip,’ the silhouette features an enticing upper.

The construction boasts leather, nubuck, and mesh, which is pretty standard in the world of contemporary streetwear. However, the Iceberg shoes have one, extra unconventional element — they look as if someone had dipped them into wax. Present on the toe cap and dripping down the tongue of the sneakers, Iceberg adds “a layer of transparent polyurethane.”


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Latest trends in the gaming industry

Multiple video games are launched in a year; therefore it is extremely hard to access each one of them. However, their mobile game news site and game reviews portal that helps in monitoring the quality of games prior to purchase.
Destructoid is a gaming site exclusively meant for hardcore gamers around the globe. It keeps a tab on the latest games and posts contents on a regular basis. Upcoming mobile game, updates, and previews are frequently published.

Games Radar+ is yet another game news website that contains the latest reviews, news, and hands-on-look at some of the top games. Guests can seamlessly access the articles via various gaming platforms including PS4, Switch, and Xbox One, etc.


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What is the Best Technology News?

We are living in the technology world which has revolutionized and changed modern-day living. Every day there are several technologies introduced in the market. So it is important that you keep updating the technologies. Here is the latest cool technology you don’t want to miss!

Bluetooth smartwatch

Bluetooth smartwatch is popular on the best technologies news website. It is attractive, cool and affordable that sync with the android or iOs mobile. Cool technology news is it has a bright display, high internal better, heart rating monitoring, sleep tracking and more. Even its performance is better then you pay for it.


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Latest trend in Education sector

One of the prominent educational news websites digitallearning stated that Global Education and Training Expenditure is expected to exceed $10 trillion by the year 2030. Now we shall move on to some of the emerging trends in education sector.

The education sector would soon expand owing to the rise in population along with support and incentives provided by the Government.


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AI Robot-Produced Artwork

Last year, a piece of AI art was auctioned off and fetched $432,000 USD. This year, the insertion of artificial intelligence into the artistic professions shows no signs of slowing down. 

Ai-Da is “a humanoid robot [that is enhanced] by artificial intelligence.” She was created by gallery director Aidan Meller and debuted her original works at the University of Oxford’s St. John’s College.

The robot includes an inbuilt camera and a mechanical arm — which was developed by Leeds University. Both components are fully functional and make it possible for the robotic entity to complete AI art. 


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