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Subway-Sanitizing Drones

The ‘GHOST’ Drone concept has been designed as a solution for public transit maintenance that would eliminate the need for staff to spend extended periods scrubbing floors and trains. The flying unit is outfitted with high-power UV lights that bathe the entire area around it in sanitizing illumination, which will work to clean both the surfaces as well as the air. This can be done in a rapid process and doesn’t require anything to be placed on the floor to further enhance the complete cleaning capabilities of the unit.

The ‘GHOST’ Drone concept is the design work of Off Garage Studio including Yungi Min, Sunghyun Kwon, Ikhyeon Kim and Byeongjae Ha. The unit speaks to an increased need for autonomous infrastructure equipment as urban locations grow in size and population.


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Angular Monochromatic Sneakers

The Pierre Hardy Vibe Sneakers have been created by the premium footwear brand as a stylish model for consumers seeking out an attention-grabbing option that still maintains a somewhat subtle aesthetic.

Crafted with a gum sole and a calf-leather upper section, the sneakers have an edgy design that contrast the stark white exterior with a series of lines across the sides. This traces the shape of the shoe, while creating an almost sound wave-inspired look that is distinctly simple yet highly eye-catching when worn with a minimalist outfit.

This speaks to the shift towards statement fashions that draw attention with shapes and angles instead of color.


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Bendable Phone Redesigns

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold has been undergoing a redesign process, in which the tech company is almost finished. Samsung had indefinitely delayed the launch date following instances of the phone breaking.

Recently, it was reported that the company is in the “finial Stages” of the redesign. However, no date is set for a release of the Galaxy Fold. Samsung is said to be in the processing of shipping parts of the phone to its Vietnam factory for assembly. 


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In-Game Fashion Collaborations

Exclusive Fortnite outfits are made available to players through a collaboration between the online game and Nike Air Jordan. While many in the world of eSports are focusing on physical fashion collaborations, the Fortnite team seems to be taking it in a different direction with an in-game partnership. 

Individuals can access the Nike Air Jordan x Fortnite outfits through the Hang Time Bundle. This will give players access to two skins, as well as a digitized version of the iconic Nike Air Jordan 1s.

The bundle can be purchased for 1,800 V-Bucks. In addition to the collaborative Fortnite outfits, the bundle will give consumers access to a special challenge pack. By completing it, players will access the “Back Board Back Bling and its additional nine styles, as well as four unique Sprays.”


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AI-Powered Smart Mirrors

The ‘Ayi’ smart mirror is a new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solution for the home that will enable users to maintain a more balanced lifestyle thanks to an advanced technological design.

The mirror utilizes machine learning technology to quickly adapt to the needs of the home inhabitants, which is done by analyzing their schedule and focusing on keywords to get specific tasks done. Users can take advanced of speech recognition technology in order to control the unit in a hands-free manner, while the intuitive touchscreen also allows for manual control capabilities.

The ‘Ayi’ smart mirror can also provide health recommendations to users, which will enable them to maintain a stronger focus on their overall wellbeing at all times instead of sporadically.


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Automated Pro-Grade Coffee Machines

The NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Majesto coffee machine is a powerful, professional-grade appliance for the avid at-home barista that will enable them to create customized beverages with ease. 

Capable of achieving professional-level bar pressure, the unit features a built-in LED touchscreen that allows users to customize drinks to their exact specifications. The system can create 15 drink varieties and works with specialized pods to ensure coffee with the utmost attention to quality is made with the unit.


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AI Listened to People’s Voices. Then It Generated Their Faces.

Have you ever constructed a mental image of a person you’ve never seen, based solely on their voice? Artificial intelligence (AI) can now do that, generating a digital image of a person’s face using only a brief audio clip for reference.

Named Speech2Face, the neural network — a computer that “thinks” in a manner similar to the human brain — was trained by scientists on millions of educational videos from the internet that showed over 100,000 different people talking.


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20 Of Turkey’s Most Impressive Historical Sites

Turkey’s location at the meeting point between Europe and Asia has given rise to an incredible history as waves of people, states, eras, and empires have left their mark on the coastline and mountains, the people and culture.

Turkey may have more ancient ruins that pretty much anywhere else, but it’s not the sheer number of sites that impresses, but that so many remain near intact. To walk among the graceful columns of a Lycian ruin adjacent to a Mediterranean beach, or to set foot in a Roman amphitheater at sunset, imagining the scenes that must have unfolded here thousands of years ago, couldn’t be more atmospheric.

And to stand in the very spots where Alexander the Great, Saint Paul, and Helen of Troy once made history is pretty incredible. Read on for the lowdown on Turkey’s most impressive historical sites.


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World Meetings Forum 2019

After more than 6 successful editions, with 120 hosted buyers and 100 suppliers, the World Meetings Forum continues to innovate and lead the way the global meeting industry connects, deliver top content, generate business opportunities and contributes to a larger purpose. 

The WMF 2019 edition will be Marvelous, but, what does this means?

We are fascinated with the idea of transforming meeting business into an astonishing experience that deliver value to its participants. 

Marvelous things happen when people gather and, we are part of the industry that its core its precisely that, bringing people together. We as an industry have a huge responsibility of making meaningful meetings that drive change and that´s our purpose, to drive change for our own industry at the World Meetings Forum.  


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