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The biggest travel myths, debunked

Conspiracy theories abound when it comes to our travels. We’ve heard them all, here at Telegraph Travel. The brace position? It doesn’t work. Expensive flights? That’s because of browser cookies – try “incognito mode”. What happens when you flush a plane loo? It… Continue Reading →

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Semi-Autonomous Driving Assistants

GM recently announced that it will put its Super Cruise system into 22 different car models by the year 2022, 10 of which will receive technology a year before that date. The announcement was made by the GM President, Mark… Continue Reading →

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Upcycled Material Dresses

In the spring, H&M will be selling a new blue dress made from a sustainable material called Circulose that’s made from upcycled clothing and fashion waste. Circulose makes it possible for old clothing to be turned into entirely new textiles… Continue Reading →

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Custom Cocktail Experiences

During London Cocktail Week, The London Essence Company will be inviting people to Essence House for a unique drink creation experience. At the activation, adults will be able to have their palates profiled so that a perfect cocktail can be… Continue Reading →

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Recycled Annual Pavilions

South African architecture firm Counterspace is commissioned with constructing the 2020 Serpentine Pavilion. The structure will not only be progressive in the topic that it chooses to address, but also in the material that it will use. Counterspace decided to… Continue Reading →

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One-Handed Control Photography Drones

The SHIFT RED Drone from This Is Engineering is a well-appointed piece of equipment that seeks to shake up the photography drone market with a design that’s robust and intuitive to fly. The drone weighs in at just 93 grams… Continue Reading →

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Experiential Colombian Restaurants

ElCielo Restaurant is a South American eatery that spotlights the best in molecular gastronomy and mixology creations. Located in the heart of Bogota, Colombia, the artisanal restaurant is home to a handcrafted menu of elegantly presented fare that is curated… Continue Reading →

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Bodily Energy-Tracking Wearables

The Garmin Venu GPS fitness watch is a next-generation health wearable for consumers looking to take more control over their personal fitness with an array of advanced capabilities. The watch comes preloaded with more than 20 sports apps that will… Continue Reading →

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Superhero Theme Parks

Warner Bros. has designed a huge superhero theme park in Abu Dhabi. The park will include six new worlds including Metropolis, Gotham City, Warner Bros. Plaza, Bedrock and Dynamite Gulch, that will allow guests to fully immerse themselves into the… Continue Reading →

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