Race-Inspired Airline Seating Concepts

Emirates and Mercedes-Benz enter a collaboration together to amplify the comfort and luxury of the airline’s first class through an innovative seating concept that is informed by Formula One technology. The partnership utilized materials by Wiliams Advanced Engineering and JPA Design — the two entities that brought the ultra-advanced lightweight fabrics from the world of race car driving to commercial airlines. These technologies have been named 223 and Racetrack. 

The silhouette of the seating concept takes inspiration from Mercedes-Benz’s S-Class flagship sedan. The design is focused on “maximizing the use of space on board” but it works toward diminishing the impact this might have on passenger comfort. The seat is supported by a carbon fiber composite molding structure and the overall piece is “super light, strong, yet affordable.” The seating concept is expected to hit the market no sooner than 18 months from now. 


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