Authentic Grass Slippers

The cider brand Somersby just dropped what claims to be the world’s first real grass slippers — slippers with actual living grass. 

The Somersby Grass Slippers are handmade over in Sweden from 100% bio-degradable materials, including cork and leather, enabling wearers to enjoy the wonderful barefoot-in-grass feeling whenever, wherever. All of the numerous health benefits from walking barefoot, such as lowering your stress levels, comes included in the price.

The slippers are delivered with pre-grown, high quality grass and a detailed care guide on how to nourish your mini-sized lawn in the best possible way.

When the slippers are not being worn on your winter pale feet, they work just as perfect as an innovative interior design piece.

As if that wasn’t enough, all proceeds are donated to a Swedish charity and its work on keeping city parks in the best possible condition.


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