Smart Laundry Systems

At the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the LG TWINWash will be debuted as an innovative and award-winning large-capacity washer and dryer system.

The system, which has already been recognized with a 2019 CES Innovation Award, consists of a large-capacity washer, the SideKick pedestal washer that’s ideal for smaller loads and the DUAL Inverter Heat Pump dryer, which allows for two loads of laundry to be cleaned at once while a third is drying.

The new washer and dryer system incorporates Wi-Fi connectivity and LG SmartThinQ technology for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, as well as TurboWash360, which uses jets and 6Motion technology to deeply clean fabrics. To simplify maintenance and increase energy savings, the LG TWINWash system also includes automatic cleaning features and low drying temperatures.


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