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Blooming Beverage Bottles

Prepackaged drinks aren’t usually associated with freshness, so the conceptual ‘B-ing’ bottle package is intended to change this with a design that literally blooms with freshness. Created by the Prompt Design design agency, the ‘B-ing’ concept packaging consists of a bottled beverage that has been covered with shrink wrap from the top to the bottom. This creates a somewhat secretive aesthetic that is only understood once the top label is peeled back to reveal vibrant petals that are colored with respect to the drink flavor. LOOK FOR MORE

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Big Sur tourism grapples with Pacific Coast Highway closure

Even as 35 miles of the Pacific Coast Highway reopened in California’s Monterey County following a landslide that has cut off some of the state’s most scenic and popular stretches of coastline for more than two months, the impacted region’s tourism industry is still holding its breath as it battles with revenue losses and awaits a total reopening of the highway this fall. LOOK FOR MORE

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Slovenia sees tourism boom, thanks in part to Melania Trump

The tiny European nation of Slovenia is undergoing a tourism boom partly because it’s the native country of U.S. first lady Melania Trump. The Slovenian Statistics Office said Monday that some 1,939,000 tourists visited the country of 2 million in the first half of this year, a 15% increase from the same period last year. LOOK FOR MORE

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Your success is our destination. Our tagline says it all, a nod to a proud 43-year-old tradition of putting relationships first. Committed to a B2B model, this organization’s most important mission is to support the travel agent community through award-winning customer care, incredible product at competitive prices, exemplary services and incentives designed to help every partner succeed beyond their dreams. LOOK FOR MORE

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Barcelona: Taming tourism

The modern, white Joan Miro Museum nestled in green hills encircling this city is emblematic of Barcelona’s hopes for a new direction in tourism. Down below, at the city’s port, is a 200-foot statue of Christopher Columbus at the center of all that rankles the city’s voters about the current state of tourism. LOOK FOR MORE

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Hydrogen Turbine Trains

Transportation is slated to change dramatically over the coming years, which is evident with the ‘Spacetrain’ that looks to offer an alternative when it comes to ground travel. The air-cushioned ‘Spacetrain’ is positioned as a competitor to the Hyperloop and is capable of transporting passengers at up to 745mph in order to make traditional travel methods here on land far more efficient. LOOK FOR MORE

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