Healthy Efficient Liquefied Meals

fusionblends is a new product line, launched by foodora, that offers tasty liquefied meals. Catering to the modern day millennial lifestyle, the new ready-to-eat option allows for efficiency and nutrition. foodora combines popular foods, such as avocado toast and chocolate cake, into liquefied meals that are bound to satisfy the hunger of individuals on-the-go.

Set to launch on April 1st, fusionblends offers five options for its liquefied meals. Cleverly named after daily trends that millennials are all too familiar with, foodora puts the spotlight on Brunch Time, Game Night, Date Night, Break Up and Binge Out. Each of the flavors is a fusion of ingredients that can be attributed to the mood of the situation. For example, while the Break Up consists of chocolate cake and a mix of ice cream and cookies, the Game Night features a classic cheeseburger, a serving of BBQ baby back ribs and hot chicken wings.


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